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Tamiya Mini Rules

It is intended that this class be a lower cost fun class to attract new racers. For this reason the use of custom chassis’ which differ widely from the standard M Class chassis spec is NOT allowed.
Any of the recognized Tamiya Hop Ups may be fitted either as Tamiya parts or as those manufactured in the style of Tamiya by the likes of 3 Racing, Yeah etc.
Ball Differentials may be fitted, but locked differentials are specifically banned.


Any commercially available sealed can (non-rebuildable) brushed motor with no less than 20 turns.
Alternatively, the Hobbywing Combo-B1 brushless system may also be used.  Combo-B1 consists of the EZRUN-35A speed controller, the 13T@3000KV EZRUN-3650M brushless motor, and programming card or HobbyWing EZRun Series 13T/3650-M Combo or HobbyWing EZRUN-Combo-MAX10-3652SL-3300KV.
No other brushless speed controllers or motors are permitted at this time.


Any commercially available 6 cell NiCad or NiMH or any commercially available 2s LiPo.
LiPo must be in hard casing,
Max nominal voltage rating to be 7.2v (NiCad or NiMH) and 7.4v for LiPo, Any and all LIPO battery charging or discharging at club meetings must take place with the LIPO pack contained within a LIPO Sack. A LIPO sack is a fire retardant bag with velcro seal specifically designed for containing LIPO cells whilst charging. Only commercially produced LIPO sacks are allowed for this purpose.
Any person found charging without a LIPO sack will not be allowed to race, persistent offenders may be asked to leave.


Any production Saloon or Coupe body shell may be used.  GT shells are not allowed.

Radios and Speed Controllers

Any commercially available RC equipment functioning on the 27 MHz, 40 MHz or 2.4 GHz bands is acceptable, any servo may be used, any speed controller may be used. 

Wheels & Tyres

For Tamiya cars standard Tamiya M type tyres or the M Grip or S Grip tyres or other treaded /slick tyres of similar size and construction.  Smaller diameter tyres are also allowed.  Double inserts and foam tyres are specifically banned.
42 mm maximum wheel diameter
Odorless Additive is permitted but nothing containing wintergreen.

Ground Clearance & Weight

All cars must maintain a ground clearance of 5mm, no screw or fitting should protrude below the bottom of the chassis. Ground clearance is defined as follows: - the clubs 5mm gauge should be able pass under the car from front to rear and from side to side when the car is standing in race ready condition without the car moving. Any movement of the car either laterally or vertically will be deemed as a failure.

Cars should weigh a minimum of 1250gms ready to go (This excludes a Club supplied Transponder)
Please note that the Race Directors decision is final in all matters concerning the eligibility of cars to run but the prime consideration will always be safety for both the club and the venue.