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Championship Points.

Scoring system
We run two championships per year for each type of Car/Truck.
Each championship will run for 10 rounds, with the best 7 rounds to count towards your final score. During a meeting, all drivers get 3 qualifying races to try and set their best qualifying time. The better the qualifying time, the higher the final they will race in. The driver in each formula who is best placed in the finals results will score 100 points. The second placed driver scores 99 points etc. Please note that during qualifying races, it is your finishing time that is important, not your finishing position, therefore you are racing the clock, not the other drivers in your heat.

During a season, the points tables are sorted in order of total scores.  The tables will be sorted into 'Best 7 from 10' order at the end of the season.

Our younger racers (up to 14yrs) compete for a separate Junior Championship

Click on links below to see Championship table for each formula.


Spring 2023 2023 Juniors Championship