Tamiya Tourer (TT) Chassis Rules

The aim of this class is to attract new racers the hobby while keeping costs down. The kits listed can be found in most model shops in the UK. Minimal hop ups are listed to keep racing close. You don’t have to buy them but if you fancy tinkering and learning new skills with your model you may wish to do so.

Chassis kits eligible for this class are:




TT-02D (remove sport tuned and replace with torque tuned) + (do not use kit tyres as they are for drifting).


54348 - Tamiya Silver Torque Tuned motor (Kit Motor). The outside label must not be removed.


TT-01/E (Max 19T Pinion & Kit 61T Spur Gear) - 8.35 FDR

TT-02/D (Max 22T Pinion & Kit 70T Spur Gear) - 8.27 FDR

Body shells:

Any shell supplied with the Tamiya kit or body shell that has a real likeness of a real road car, GT, saloon or rally car. The intention is that older style bodies that are more scale like in appearance will be used. If you are unsure if a particular shell is compliant please ask. (Picture preferred please).


•                    • Body shell Kit supplied wings only



Any servo may be used.

Speed Controllers:

•                    • Tamiya Kit supplied speed controller (ESC)

•                    • Hobbywing 1060 ESC (Recommended) 

                    No additional capacitor packs or electronic packs allowed on either speed controller option.


Wheels, Tyres & Inserts:


Tamiya kit slicks: #50454

Tamiya kit radials: #50419

Tamiya semi-slicks: #50810


Tamiya Hard Inner Sponge Set #53156

Tamiya Racing Radial/Slick Inner Sponge Set #53113 (softer)


Any rim design may be used apart from dished.

Please note tyre requirements are specific which is why part nos are shown there are NO acceptable alternatives.


Odourless Additive is permitted but nothing containing wintergreen.

Hop Ups / Modifications:

Each chassis must be built as per kit instructions.

Tamiya & Non-Tamiya hardware optional parts permitted:

•                    • Screws

•                    • Shims

•                    • Ball joints

•                    • Oil Shocks (aka Dampers)

•                    • Steering turnbuckles

•                    • Motor mount

•                    • Motor heatsinks

•                    • High torque servo saver

•                    • Servo arm (the linkage between the servo saver and steering rack).

•                    • Ball-race bearings

•                    • Aluminium prop-shaft

•                    • Aluminium wheel hexes

•                    • (TT-02 only) standard shiny black plastic chassis only (not red, blue, white or black carbon plastic reinforced)

•                    • CVD Driveshaft's & Diff Cups (front axle only)

•                    • Body posts #51242 (To mount the body further forward)

•                     Alloy Front Hubs 


If a modification is not listed above then it is not permitted.


Modification to the battery compartment on the TT-01 must be sympathetic.


The opposite wheel must rotate in the opposite direction, (I.e. Not locked)