Rule Clarification.

Body Mounts

It has long been practise in RC Car Racing to reduce the height of exposed body posts on cars however it has become apparent that not all racers understand that it needs to be done. This to prevent possible damage both car, race carpet and securing tape.

Therefore, we are now clarifying this situation which applies to all classes as follows: -

All bodies will be secured by post and body clip mounts, magnetic mounts are specifically banned as they do not provide sufficient security for racing.

With the body held against the internal fixing point (usually a mount pad or a body clip) the first hole should hold the external body clip and there must be no more than 3 further holes visible to allow for adjustment of body height should this be required. The use of o rings or foam pads on the body post to support the body internally is permitted.

Body posts may be cut as you wish we suggest using a blade or side cutters, but the exposed top must be smoothed level with ideally a final touch with a pencil sharpener to put a small chamfer on the exposed edge. The object here is a chamfer not to sharpen the post to a point.  The picture below should clarify matters.

Non-Compliant cars may not be allowed to race. Decisions are at the discretion of Race Control.


All drivers expected to marshal the race following their one, where drivers are running in two classes, we will try to space heats so that is possible but if that is not possible then it is up to the driver concerned to arrange marshalling cover where required.
Any parent or helper may Mashal provided they have  either a current BRCA Membership or a BRCA Non-driving Membership any person not holding either of these accreditations is not allowed on the track whilst racing is in progress. Racing is in progress from the start of practice through to the end of the last final. You may be asked to prove you have the necessary BRCA accreditation this can be either the BRCA Membership Card or sight of an email confirming same.